Interferrential Therapy (IFT) unit


Shoulder wheel with wrist mobilizer

Static cycle and Physioball

Wall Bar


Exercise therapy accessories


Traction Machine

Traction Table

Application of IFT Machine for shoulder joint

Knee Strengthening exercise with weight cuff

Hydrocollator Unit

Adhesive tapes used for taping technique

Exercise at Static Cycle

Finger Ladder

Hot Packs

Ultrasound Unit

Joint Mobilization

Neurodynamics Treatment Technique

Scapular Exercise

Strengthening exercise for Elbow Joint
Satarupa Banerjee, Vasai Road (West), Maharashtra, India

Satarupa Banerjee, Vasai Road (West), Maharashtra, India

“You have got me rid of the Spinal Surgery” I was told by a surgeon to undergo spinal operation for my back and left leg radiating pain problem. But your scientific approach and proper guidance in Physiotherapy and Hydrotherapy have got me rid of surgery. Today I can swim, I can ride my bike and able to do my daily activities. Thank you.

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